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Blue Heron Elementary is a school where minds soar and dreams take flight!

Located in Lino Lakes, Blue Heron serves 825 students in a safe, respectful, and purposeful learning environment where all students have the opportunity and responsibility to grow to their full social, emotional and academic potential.

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Box Tops For Education

Blue Heron Elementary Summer Collecting Contest!

Fall Fundraiser

We are excited to kick off the fall fundraiser and for the fourth year in a row will hold aDirect Drive to raise money for our students, teachers, and school. A direct drive is a fundraiser where families donate a dollar amount of their choice directly to the school. The benefit of a direct drive over a traditional fundraiser is that everydollar donated will go directly to the school. Information went home with your student on prizes and donating. 

Donations will be accepted from September 9th, 2019 through September 20th, 2019.