The start of the school year has gone very well.  Thank you for being a committed partner!  It is rewarding to see the students helping each other and staff continuing to go above and beyond to make each student feel connected and welcomed.  Thank you for doing so much to prepare your child each day for school.  Staff are busy teaching and reteaching the expectations and routines.  Over the coming weeks, students will become more comfortable and proficient with our rituals, routines, and expectations here at Blue Heron.  It is critical that we are holding the expectation of how we treat each other and our learning environment to a high standard.  Our goal is to build their understanding of why the expectations are important and grow the ability of the students to self-correct.  Throughout the 21-22 school year we will provide highlights of students SOARing to make a Difference! 

Jostens School Picture Day ~ Thursday, September 16

All students will have their photos taken. (for the yearbook) 

*Do not wear green for picture day as it blends in with the green screen. 

Picture orders will be placed online only and shipped directly to you.   Visit jostenspix.com and enter code FE5221.  Families must wait a few days after picture day to place an online order. 

For more information about ordering, personalization, and payment, click HERE. 

Food Allergy Awareness!

Please use this as a reminder that we have children in our classrooms that have special dietary precautions and/ or food allergies.  These allergies can be life-threatening.   The good news is that most food products will list allergen information on the label.  We just ask that you please be mindful of this when sending in food to school and especially if there is a known allergy in a classroom. 

If you have requests for special accommodations regarding your child's allergies or have any other questions please contact the health office at 763-792-6226.