News from the Nest ~ September 3, 2021

News from Mr. Hartmann...


What should I know about before school drop-off?  If you drop your child(ren) off in the morning, please form a single lane (closest to the school building). One lane will be blocked off so the single lane can be formed.  It is important that while in the drop off and pick up lane, you do not leave your car unattended.  Traffic needs to flow smoothly.  Also, please do not pull around the car in front of you. Instead, continue to stay in the single lane.  If you want to walk your child to the designated station, please park in the parking lot and use the crosswalk.  When parking in the lot, do not block the handicap parking spaces. Supervision of students in the morning begins at 8:50 am. Students will be allowed to start entering the building at 9:05 am. Students will report directly to their assigned classroom and use a designated entrance and pathway to class.


  • Visitors are not allowed in the school.
  • Masks are recommended in the building 
  • Per Federal law masks are required on the bus 
  • Kindergarten students have two stations. Please review the arrival and dismissal plan above.
  • Check for latest COVID-19 information

What should I know about after school pick-up?  Families who choose to pick-up their student(s) after school please follow the procedures below: 

Use the Blue Heron parking lot and meet your student at their designated station.

Form a single lane (closest to the school building). One lane will be blocked off so the single lane can be formed.

  • Pull all the way up and allow your student to come to you.
  • Parents who pick-up along the curb, need to stay in their car.  If you need to get out of your car to assist your student, please use the parking lot.

Continue to have patience and grace. Students are usually not out at their grade level station until 3:42.   

Can I visit my student’s school during the school day? We value our partnerships with Centennial families and the community. However, nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities involving external groups or organizations will not be allowed in our schools to minimize spread of COVID-19. For example, visitors at lunch will not be allowed.  

Student SOAR Shirt (click)PTO is providing a SOAR shirt to all BHE students in the fall.  Fill out the sign-up form to ensure your student receives your preferred size.  If a parent chooses not to select a size the school will ensure that all students will be included in a bulk order.  By participating in the sign-up you will have direct say on what size shirt your child will have this fall. 100% Cotton Preshrunk  - from Athletic Outfitters 

Lunch Procedures:  All students will eat lunch in the cafeteria. They will sit with their class. Students will not be using a PIN number.  

Breakfast Procedures:  All students will eat breakfast in their classroom. Students will not be using a PIN number.  

Birthday Considerations:
Birthdays are very special and exciting days for all of us. It is a time to celebrate with friends and family. As a school, we want to continue recognizing our students’ special days while being sensitive to our wellness, student health, and financial considerations. With that said, we have moved away from edible treats for birthdays and replacing them with non-food recognitions. Students and teachers will have an option to collaborate and choose an appropriate celebration option for each child. Our hope is that this reduces the stress of feeling obligated to run to the store to buy the right treats and all that goes with that process.

Your child’s teacher will further communicate some ideas that will work best for this year. This will most likely be different based upon different ages and grade levels.  Some examples may include creating a birthday book or card from the class, having a virtual guest reader, having the child read a special book to the class, donating a gift to the class in their honor, having a special show and tell for the birthday child, special pass, or front of the line for a day, playing a special game, and more! 

We are Centennial and We are! 

Mr. Hartmann 

Important Dates

Sept. 6:  No School / Labor Day
Sept. 7:  First Day of School, Grades 1-9
Sept. 7:  Blue Heron Preschool Meet Your Teacher  10am-12pm
Sept. 8:  First Day of School, Kindergarten and Preschool 
Sept. 9:  4th Grade Information Night 5pm-6pm  *childcare available for ages 5 and up
Sept. 16:  Jostens Picture Day  (more information to come)

Blue Heron Elementary Fall Fundraiser 

The Blue Heron PTO is very excited to kick-off the Fall Fundraiser beginning Monday, September 13th! This year, we are bringing back the direct drive. More information to come during the first week of school.

Helpful Links


2021-22 Student Calendar

School Supply List

Blue Heron Webpage

2021-22 Family Events

Education Benefits Form/Free or Reduced Price Lunch Benefits Information
Parents are encouraged to apply using the online application via their Parent Portal account for faster results.  A new application must be submitted each year for families eligible for this program.  Applications in English, Hmong, Somali, and Spanish are listed on the ISD12 website HERE

Would you like to save money?  Our district offers excellent Community Education programs throughout the year.  By completing the Educational Benefits/Free and Reduced Lunch and Additional Benefits Form, you may be eligible to qualify for reduced rates on these programs.  

To view activities happening throughout the fall, click HERE. 


District News


Updating Annual Student Information


Centennial has moved to an online, contactless method using Campus Portal so families can update annual information for students. This process opens on Wednesday, August 18 and closes on Friday, September 24, 2021.   


This new process eliminates the many beginning-of-the-year paper documents that would typically be collected during the first few weeks of school.  Please review and update the data on file for you as parent/guardians as well as your students by Friday, September 24, 2021.  

Please click HERE for the survey link and for more information.