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2021-22 Classroom Placement and Request Process  

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So what goes into building GLE classrooms?

Teachers consider each child’s learning style, academic achievement, special behavioral and learning needs, gender, as well as the combination of student energy levels and personalities. As a team, the teachers’ jobs are to balance all these factors so that the classrooms have a rich diversity of talents, skills and needs. When teachers are given the opportunity to build classrooms based on their professional judgment and experience, there is the greatest opportunity for all students to be successful. Our teachers do a wonderful job of placing students.

The process of creating class lists takes a great deal of time and thought. As an example, if your child is in 2nd grade, then your child’s 2nd grade teacher meets with all other 2nd grade teachers, special education representatives and the principal. Together we spend many hours working on 3rd grade classrooms for next year.


Timeline for Notification through Parent Portal

Our timelines for notification and the class building process will not change. To review, families will not be notified of the classroom placements until August. Why? Often times we have students leave or enroll in Centennial Schools over the summer. We have seen a large influx in recent years that has provided for some awkward moments; such as the need for additional staff for a grade level and having to move students around within class lists to accommodate. It is tough to communicate to a family that their student will be placed in a particular classroom when they leave for the summer and later have to change based on enrollment numbers. The August notification will allow GLE to operate in the most efficient manner and maintain a high level of learning in our classrooms. Parents are able to access classroom placement information through the parent portal. If you have not signed up for parent portal, you will not be able to access your child’s placement in Mid-August. If you need assistance in accessing parent portal, please call our school office 763-792-5900.


So how do I make a classroom placement request?

When families and staff work together positively, everyone wins. So how do I have input? The opportunity for input will be in electronic form. Simply click on the link and provide the information to make a request.  We are not suggesting that parents should partake in this process, rather know that this opportunity is available for those that feel strongly. Golden Lake Elementary has wonderful staff.  Link to Request


GLE Teaching Assignments as of 4/9/2021 (subject to change based on a myriad of factors)


Kindergarten – 3 sections


Mrs. Stevens

Miss Vander Wall

Mrs. Wenzel


1st Grade – 3 sections

Mrs.  Kahlstorf

Mrs. Kirkland

Ms. Timmons


2nd Grade – 3 sections

Mrs. Bratager

Mrs. Cahlander

Mrs. Richtsmeier



3rd Grade - 3 sections

Mrs. Carr

Mrs. Gresback

Mrs. Hjelle


4th Grade – 3 sections

Mr. Baland

Mr. Law



5th Grade -2 sections

Mr. Hagen

Mrs. Landin

   Link to Request



Hey fellow parents of GLE. We are looking for some help on May 5th to unload, sort and distribute the Gerten's plant orders. 

 Help is needed from during the hours of 8am to 6pm. The truck should be to Golden Lake to unload in the morning. We then pull orders and break for lunch. Pick up is between 3 and 6. Feel free to comment or reach out to me if you can help. 


Thank you for your help!

This week's PBIS winners!

               Congratulations to the following students who were drawn 

        from their classroom ticket bin!


Pre K - N/A                          Cahlander - George

Stevens - Phoenix              Richtsmeier - N/A

Vander Wall -  Lily               Gresback -  Sylvia

Wenzel - Olivia                    Hjelle - Nora

Kahlstorf - N/A                    Lamers - Clayton

Kirkland - Jayden               Law - Bailey

Timmons - Terah                Hagen - Natania

Bratager -  Lucas               Landin - N/A


Update to Campus Parent Portal Usernames

Starting April 28th, all parents/guardians will need to login to Campus Parent Portal with their primary email address as their username.  Email information and preferences can be reviewed and updated in Campus Parent Portal by logging in, selecting More, and selecting Family Information. 

For help logging in or recovering passwords, please visit the ISD12 Webpage at


Moving or Changing Schools for the 2021 - 2022 School Year?


If your family will be moving or not attending Golden Lake Elementary this fall,
please let us know as soon as possible.
Please call the GLE Office at 763-792-5900 or email '; // -->

Thank You! 


A Look Ahead

Monday April 26- E Day

Tuesday April 27 - A Day

Wednesday April 28 - B Day

Thursday April 29 -C Day, 

Friday April 30 - D Day, School Spirit Day - Sports Theme, (wear your favorite team jersey, hat etc.!)


Gertens Floral Delivery May 5th

No School May 31 (Memorial Day