Rice Lake Music News


We’ve had lots of fun in music class this year!  The students have also learned a great deal!  Below is a summary of what we did in each grade level.

Looking ahead to 2017-2018: 

Grade 5 field trip to Orchestra Hall—November 29, 2018
Grade 4 music program—May 30, 2019
Grade 2 music program—April 11, 2019                                                                        

Kindergarten:  Kindergarten students experienced music in many ways.  We sang songs (sometimes the kids sang by themselves!), played instruments and even played games.  Some of the favorites from this year are “London Bridge,” “Aiken Drum,” “Draw a Bucket of Water,” “Loose Tooth,” “Down By the Bay” and “Going on a Picnic.”  The kids are looking forward to more songs and learning in first grade music class! 

Grade 1:  First graders learned about beat, rhythm and melody through singing, moving and playing instruments.  We read music with quarter and eighth notes as well as quarter rests.  We now have 3 houses on “Music Street:” so, mi and la.  The students can read music with those pitches on the staff.  Ask them about our saying “if so is on a line, mi is on the line below and la is on the space above so!”  We are ending the school year with some fun game songs like “Naughty Kitty Cat!”  The second grade music program in 2019 is scheduled for April 11th!  Please put this date on your calendar!   

Grade 2:  Second graders have had a busy year.  Our music program was lots of fun, but we also worked on more music reading!  On “Music Street,” we now have do, re, mi, so and la!  The kids can also read music with quarter, eighth, half and whole notes as well as quarter, half and whole rests.  We are ending the school year reading songs that use mi, re and do.  These songs include “Hot Cross Buns,” “Sailor, Sailor on the Sea,” “Rover” and “I Bought Me a Cat.”  Ask your child about the funny version of the song!

Grade 3:  Third graders spent the school year reading music.  We sang songs that used, do, re, mi, so, la and high do.  We spent time working with whole notes and learning about meter (2/4, 3/4 and 4/4).  We worked with the musical alphabet and treble clef letters in preparation for recorders.  Third graders can now play B, A and G on their recorders and can play more than just “Hot Cross Buns!”  We also worked on “Ice Cream Cone” and “Merrily We Roll Along.”  We will continue our recorder study in fourth grade so please don’t misplace that recorder or the book!  The fourth grade music program is MAY 30, 2019!  Please put this date on your calendars!

Grade 4:  Fourth graders can now play the following notes on their recorders: low D, low E, F#, G, A, B, C and D (some even learned F and low C).  Since the “Uncle Sam’s America” program in March, we have been working with Recorder Karate.  Some students went beyond the required testing to earn their red (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star), brown (Amazing Grace) Recorder Karate.  We also learned the black belt song “Ode to Joy,” although we didn’t have time to test on that song.  We may continue with Recorder Karate in fifth grade so students can still test then!

Grade 5:  Low so, low la, low ti, do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti and high do are pitches that fifth graders have been singing and playing on instruments.  We sang songs in both major (“Laughing Singing” and minor (“By the Singing Water”) keys.  We learned about instruments of the orchestra with our preparation for going to Orchestra Hall.  We learned holiday songs that taught us about syncopation.  We played games like “Billy Billy.”  We play scales, and melodies and rhythm patterns on Orff instruments.  Students even composed their own melodies for “Mississippi Hare.”  The end of the year has been learning about the blues and playing the 12-bar blues on Orff instruments.  This is only a small part of what they have accomplished in 5th grade music!  I hope you take the time to read the other grade levels, too.  Add this ALL up to see what your child has learned over the years!   I also hope your child is planning on participating in band or choir for sixth grade to continue their music education!