Rice Lake Music News


The music room has been an exciting place since school began!  Here’s a summary of what students learned in music class:

Kindergarten:  We are all getting to know each other in Kindergarten music class.  We are singing songs and playing music games.  We sang greeting songs “Welcome Boys and Girls” and “Hello How are You.” Students sang alone with echo songs like “No More Pie.”  We are exploring space with games like “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush,” “Looby Loo” and the “Color Game.”  We are connecting with the classroom learning with songs about colors including “Green, Green, Green” and “Parade of Colors.”

Grade 1:  First graders began the school year with a game called “I’m Going Down to Town.”  This game song helped us all learn each other’s names.  We learned about ways we make music, ways we use our voices and ways we show the beat.  We have been exploring beat with songs like “Oliver Twist.”  The students played the beat on Orff instruments (xylophones, metallophones and glockenspiels) with this song.  We are now singing new songs both fast and slow. We enjoyed “Blue Bells, Cockle Shells,” “Clickety Clickety Clack,” “Bingo” (a NEW version) and “Rig-a-Jig-Jig.”

Grade 2:  Second graders have been reviewing beat with songs like “This Land is Your Land,” with which we played the beat on instruments like hand drums, maracas, triangles and rhythm sticks.  We learned about the form of the song (verse and refrain) and enjoyed the picture book that goes with the song.  We sang the song that uses all the houses on Music Street!  

The song is “Do-Re-Mi” and it comes from the movie “The Sound of Music.”  We sang the song “America” and found the highest and lowest notes in the song.  We are now exploring beat with a jump rope rhyme called “Sheep in the Meadow.” 

Grade 3:  Third graders began the school year with a song called “Gilly, Gilly, Good Morning” that helped us get reacquainted.  We also reviewed A and B sections with the song.  We reviewed quarter, eighth and half notes with the song “Patriotic Medley” which combines three patriotic songs.  We discussed the terms patriotic and medley.  We also played unpitched percussion instruments with the song on quarter, eighth and half notes.  We learned about the difference between beat and rhythm (YES, there is a difference!) while exploring a poem called “Way Down South.”  We have been reading and creating rhythm patterns that use quarter, eighth and half notes as well as quarter and half rests.  We read the rhythm for a game song called “Cut the Cake.”  Ask your child about the game—it is really fun! We are now reviewing reading melody with the song “Acka Back” which uses mi, so and la.  It also has a fun game!

Grade 4:  In fourth grade music class, we began the school year by reviewing form with “I’d Like to Say Good Morning” and the “Name Game.”  We reviewed quarter, half, dotted half, whole and eighth notes as well as the corresponding rests.  The students played rhythm patterns with the song “Step into the Spotlight.”  We worked on singing America’s national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”  In addition to singing the song, we also discussed its history.  We read the rhythm for a speech piece called “A Journey” which we performed in both unison and in canon (round). We are now beginning to work with the musical alphabet and the letter names of the treble clef so we can get started on playing recorders!  If you ordered a recorder for your child, it should be here soon!  Also—as you know, our music program is May 30th. We will have two performances—one at 2:30 in the Rice Lake gym and one at 7:00 in the evening at the Performing Arts Center. 

Grade 5:  Fifth graders began school year reviewing quarter, half, dotted half, whole and eighth notes as well as the corresponding rests.  They moved to rhythm patterns with the song, “Wake-Up Call” after reading the rhythm patterns.  We sang the song in both unison and canon.  We continued our note and rest review with the song “Sing, America Sing.”  We sang three verses of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”  We are now working with a “rap” song called “Just Give Me the Beat.”  Students worked in groups to create their own rhythm pattern to go with the rap!  Students will soon bring a letter home regarding our Orchestra Hall field trip on November 29th! Please watch for that to come home after MEA break.