Rice Lake Cybrary News

January 2019 Update:

Happy New Year!  Because of the holiday breaks in November and December, our time in Cybrary was limited!  Here’s some of the highlights from the last 2 months:

Kindergarten:  Kindergarteners continue to improve on mouse skills, using headphones, and working together to find website links.


1st grade: We’ve had lot’s of fun with Jungle Junior, a keyboarding program, which helps us learn the correct fingers for keyboarding as we go through the alphabet. We also practiced our keyboarding with Microsoft Word, typing our names, using the backspace and the enter key.  We continue to use math and reading games on the computer to strengthen academic skills as well.


2nd grade:  A virtual field trip to the San Diego Zoo was exciting for second grade! The San Diego Zoo is home to so many animals, and we watched live cams, and informational videos on some of our favorites, including pandas, koalas, tigers, polar bears, and many more!  The San Diego Zoo was part of our unit looking at safe websites, as we continued to learn about internet safety with “Netsafe” and a character named Molly. We explored more activities on the safe website “Abcya.com” as well.


3rd grade:  3rd graders created a great Google doc listing many things describing themselves.  They next learned how to highlight text, and copy it into another program creating a beautiful Word Cloud all about them! This project was a wonderful way that computers and art can be combined in a fun activity.  Third grade also learned how to access Schoology, and joined a course from their homeroom.


4th & 5th grade: These classes have been working on Google docs, using the tools to add interest and form to their documents.  They also created a folder in their drive for Cybrary projects, and have been working hard on keyboarding. 5th graders created a collaborative document with their class on gratitude, including many things they are grateful for. Teachers also contributed to the document. 4th grade had time on our coding unit, with “Hour of Code,” and some of 5th grade began it as well.   

Grades 3-5 Maud Hart Lovelace Book Award contest:   

One of the great things about the holiday breaks is that students could spend more time reading! This week, many students brought in book summaries and Tweets that will count toward their progress in the Maud Hart Lovelace book program.  There’s so many great books to read!

~Mrs. Swenson :)