Rice Lake Cybrary News

Cybrary September 2018 Update:

Happy Fall!  

A note about Conferences:  I will be in the Computer Lab on both Conference Dates: 10/11/18 and 10/16/18 from 4-6pm.  Please stop in to visit!  

We have been busy in September with the following activities:

Kindergarten:  We have had activities focused on learning to use the computer mouse.  Many students use touch screens at home and elsewhere, and mouse skills will be a developing skill this year.  Hand and finger coordination, tracking with the curser, and clicking the left side of the mouse are all developing as we do fun activities in the computer lab!

1st grade:  We've been talking about the Home Row keys, and how they help us position our fingers on the keyboard.  We've found the Bump Keys J & F: the "home" position for our pointer fingers. We have also done activities locating letters on the keyboard and other reading skill activities.

2nd grade:  We continue to practice finding the Home Row, and do keyboarding practice with "Dance Mat Typing," an online keyboarding program that the students can also access at home!

3rd - 5th grade:  We have been using Typingclub.com for keyboarding practice, and have begun looking at the Maud Hart Lovelace Book Award Nominees for 2018-19!

~ Mrs. Swenson  :)