RLPTO Volunteer Opportunities

The Rice Lake PTO sponsors many events throughout the school year.  Please consider volunteering to continue to make events at Rice Lake Elementary really successful!


Yearbook Volunteers

We are looking for parents, by grade, to be the keeper of a photo site where images can be sent and kept for a part of the yearbook. You will not be responsible for taking pictures or recruiting, simply managing the incoming photos and compiling them inside of a premade editor for pages of the yearbook for the specific grade. Christina Primeau will be your content and assist with any questions/issues as well as walk you through the process.


5th Grade Party Chair

Searching for a person or persons to head the planning of the 5th Grade Party! Your group can consist of as many co-chairs as you would like, but we need one volunteer to lead the group!

The 5th Graders look forward to an end of the year farewell to Elementary school and you could plan their exit!

Please sign up if you are interested. You may email the PTO with questions! Contact Angie Kulenkamp at kulenkamp@msn.com


5th Grade Party Volunteers

It's that time of the year again- 5th grade party! We want to get a group of volunteers started now, to help the 5th Grade Party committee when the time comes. Right now, you are just signing up to say- hey! I am interesting in being there! Down the line we will have more specifics.

Passport Club Volunteers

Passport Club is a way for Rice Lake students to explore the world throughout the school year. It is heavily dependent on volunteers to run. Children receive a passport and collect stamps by learning about countries over the course of the school year. Volunteers help "quiz" on the location of the countries and/or capital cities they learned. They earn a stamp for their passport for each level they pass.