Ski/Snowboard Club

Centennial High School Ski/Snowboard Club is gearing up for the slopes, and we are excited for another fun, snow-filled winter.  Participants and parents please read through the registration rules and regulations carefully.

The following trips have been scheduled for the 2017-18 season:
                        Saturday, December 16     Wild Mountain     Departs 2:00 from front of West Bldg.
                        Saturday, January 6          Trollhaugen          Departs 2:00 from front of West Bldg.
                        Saturday January 27         Afton Alps            Departs 2:00 from front of West Bldg.
                        Saturday, February 10     Spirit Mountain    Departs 12:30 from front of West Bldg.
                        Saturday, February 24      Wild Mountain     Departs 2:00 from front of West Bldg.

                             In case of cancellations due to weather, March 3rd will be our make-up date.



We will load the buses in front of the High School at 1:45 p.m. and leave by 2:00 p.m. on the day of each trip. Latecomers will likely miss the bus. We will leave for the trip home at 9:00 p.m., arriving back at CHS approximately 10:00 p.m. The school will NOT be open. Make sure rides are pre-arranged for 10:00 pickup please. Please note: the Spirit mountain trip will depart earlier at 12:30. However, the return time will be around 11:00 p.m.  

Driving Separately: Students who do not wish to take the bus, and want to drive separately or ride with friends to the ski hill, must have a parent permission form signed in advance and communicated to Mr. Bohne.


CHS students and family members may come on a space-available basis, provided they complete the consent form, have prior permission, and pre-pay the $45 fee (Wild/Trollhaugen = $40).  Members may pick up a form from the Mr. Bohne beforehand. No guests allowed on bus without prior permission, payment and guest form!

Behavior Expectations: Ski/Board Club is a school-sponsored activity. Club members are expected to maintain the same conduct code that applies at school while on the bus and on the slopes. This means that members are to be respectful to bus drivers, supervisors, chaperones, ski patrol, and ski hill employees. Inappropriate conduct could result in loss of bus privileges or lift tickets. Violations will result in the loss of skiing/snowboarding privileges, and no money will be refunded.

Refunds:  The fee is based on a group rate therefore there will be no refunds for any missed trips.  If there is an injury that would cause a student to miss the remaining trips, a partial refund can be processed. 

 Ski/Snowboard Packet

Please call or e-mail CHS Ski/Board Club Coordinators Brian Bohne at 763-792-5268    or Nori Heino 763-792-5267   if you have any Ski/Board Club questions.