Clay Target Club

General Information

The Clay Target Club includes both a Trap Team and a Skeet Team.  Both teams compete in the Minnesota High School Clay Target League (MHSCTL)  . These teams are made up of both male and female high school students who hold a Firearms Safety Certificate and attending a Centennial School.  All members of our teams are expected to represent Centennial well at all times.  Any issues involving horseplay or unsafe gun handling will be dealt with and may include removal from the team.

 Cost: The activity fee is established each year and is payable on fee pay.  In addition, ammunition costs, eye and ear protection, and bags or vests must be purchased.

 Trap Practice & Competition – Team practices and/or competitions begin the first Tuesday in April and run through the first week of June.  The State Championship and the MSHSL State tournament are in June. 

Skeet Practice & Competition - Team practices and/or competitions begin the first Wednesday in April and  run through the first week of June.  The state tournament is held later in June.

 Location - Metro Gun Club, 10601 Naples St NE - Blaine, MN 55449 Phone- 763-786-5880                                 

 Championship and State Tournament – Following the regular season, the Trap Championship is held in Alexandria, MN.  This is open to all team members. The Championship is the team qualifier for the MSHSL State Tournament.  Individuals qualify based on their season average. The Skeet Championship also occurs in June and has been held at the Minneapolis Gun Club in Prior Lake.  No MSHSL State Tournament is held in Skeet. Specific dates for these tournaments are available after the season begins.

Team Size and Tryouts – The Trap team is limited to 60 athletes and the Skeet team is limited to 20.  Team spots open up either by graduation, or by a current member who decides to not rejoin the team.  Open spots are filled on the Trap and Skeet teams by first come first served during registration. If you cannot be committed to the team due to work or other obligations, please do not take a spot from someone else.  Any team member who has unexcused absences will be removed from the team.  Excused absences include personal illness, a wedding in the family, or a funeral.  All other absences are unexcused.

Contacts – for more information contact one of the coaches.

Brian Johnson         763-792-5165

Eric Wahl                763-792-5578

Richard Nipp          763-792-5576

Dean Kienholz         763-792-5138