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Students Excel at Vocal Solo/Ensemble Concert

March 26, 2018

On Saturday, March 24th Centennial High School hosted the Region 5AA Vocal Solo/Ensemble Contest. We had 61 entries in this event and our students did extremely well. Each entry is rated on their performance and they can receive a rating of Superior, Excellent, Good, or Fair (from highest to lowest). 39 of our entries received Superior Ratings and 22 or our entries received Excellent Ratings.


In addition, at the end of the day each judge selects their top performance that they listened to and grants a Best in Site Award. Out of the 7 sites and 6 participating schools, Centennial received 6 out of 7 Best in Site Awards. This is outstanding and we are extremely proud of the choir students at Centennial High School.


Superior Ratings

Diedra Anizor (2 Perfect Scores), Sophia Anizor (2), Ashley Ballard, Nicole Krohn, Hailey Beck, Kiana Coleman-Woods, Rebeccah DeLima, Samantha Ensign, Angie Ferris, Madeline Fidler, Andrea Fiske-Mallory, Ben Kirby, Collin Krieger, Ellie Lange, Samantha Latterell, Sam Lesch, Brenna Lindblad (2), Sam Lund, Emma Madeux, Christina Maranda, Isaac Nowacki, Joy Ohana, Cindy Olson, Erin Rademacher, Cassie Sherman, Ellie Finken, Abby Sproull (2), Sarah Spaulding, Sierra Summerfeldt, Abby Swim, Jasmine Thao, Mia Troska, Josie Valerius, Alyssa Vue, Eden Wells, Meadow Wilson, Kylie Yang, ShaubYi Yang, Carolyn Ziebol


Excellent Ratings

Sophie Anders, Taylor Austin, Payten Bailey, Andrew Cha, Mikayla Engebritson, Andrea Fiske-Mallory, Carolyn Ziebol, Sofie Holub, Ashley Johnson, Matt Kodluboy, Alicia Koehnen, McKenna Krentz, Riley Krieger, JoJo Latterell, Elliot McVey, Parry Paraschou, Megan Picton, Owen Ratgeen, Sophia Summers, Kira Swanson, Elizabeth Ward, Madeline Westerham, Sam Wood


Best in Site Awards

Deidra Anizor

Deidra and Sophia Anizor Duet

Emma Madeux

Sarah Spaulding

Sierra Summerfeldt

ShaubYi Yang