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Prerequisites and Notes


Keyboarding & Word Processing



Computer Applications

Honors option offered.


Advanced Computer Applications

Computer Applications.  Honors option offered.


Web Design



Accounting 1



Accounting 2

Accounting 1.


Personal Finance









Law and Order

Honors option offered.


Knowledge of computers is essential in today’s society.  Students in this course will:

  • Learn basic keyboarding skills

-    Learn the alpha/numeric keyboard.

-    Learn the correct technique, and increase confidence and proficiency on the computer keyboard.

  • Learn computer fundamentals such as working around the desktop, creating folders, opening and saving documents.
  • Develop confidence in producing business documents including: memos, letters, envelopes, reports, tables, itineraries, fliers, etc.
  • Prepare effective resumes and letters of application.
  • Be introduced to speech recognition technology.
  • Apply knowledge using a business simulation.


Honors Option Offered

This course will introduce students to the Microsoft Office Suite.  Students will be able to add the skills learned in this class to their resume.  Students in this course will be introduced to:

  • Microsoft Word:

-   create and edit documents

-   arrange text and graphics

-   Prepare a resume and letter of application

  • Microsoft Excel:

-   create a worksheet

-   work with charts

-   write formulas and use functions.

  • Access:

-   create a database

-   manipulate data

-   create forms and reports

  • PowerPoint:

-   create a presentation

-   enhance a presentation

  • Microsoft Publisher:

-   Create publications such as advertisements, brochures, business cards, forms, flyers, letterheads, menus, postcards, resumes, web sites and more.

  •  Integration of applications
  • Apply knowledge using a business simulation.



Honors Option Offered

Prerequisite:  Computer Applications

The students will integrate the Internet into the software applications and learn how to apply computer experiences to real-life situations.  Connections will be made to arts and literature, social studies, science and math, environment and technology. 


The students will learn detailed applications of computer programs.  These applications include:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Access
  • Integration


Students in this course will develop technology related knowledge by learning skills in the following areas:

  • HTML coding

-   Introduce Hypertext Markup Language to create a web page.

  • Adobe CS6

-   Introduce Dreamweaver and Flash

  • Web page editing.
  • Adding text and images to a web page.
  • Use CSS style sheets.
  • Create and use external style sheets.
  • Embed YouTube videos into web pages.
  • Create forms on web pages.
  • Design web pages for business and personal use.


This course is a must for any student interested in business.  Accounting is the language of business and it is essential to the success of any business.  Students are encouraged to take both Accounting 1 and 2 to complete the introductory course.

Students in this course will:

  • Learn the accounting equation and practice the accounting cycle for a service business.
  • Learn accounting procedures to provide a sound background for employment.
  • Understand accounting terminology, concepts and practices for a service and merchandising business.
  • Participate in a hands-on simulation of a basic accounting system for a service business.




To complete this course students will:

  • Continue learning accounting terminology, concepts and procedures.
  • Understand accounting practices for a merchandising business organized as a corporation.
  • Participate in an accounting simulation to gain experience in real world accounting procedures.
  • Analyze financial forms.
  • Learn about the career opportunities available in accounting.
  • Gain exposure to computerized accounting.
  • Gain marketable skills to begin an entry-level job as an accounting clerk.



Who wants to be a millionaire?  This is a practical, hands-on course to prepare students to be self-reliant and manage their money in the “real world.”

Students in this course will develop consumer skills relating to:

  • Budgeting finances
  • Preparing and paying taxes
  • Banking services and checking accounts
  • Saving and investing for retirement
  • Personal Credit (loans and credit cards)
  • Buying homes and renting apartments
  • Buying/Leasing new and/or used cars
  • Insurance options



Thinking about a career in business?  Want to own your own business someday?  This course will provide students with an introduction to business and the various aspects of managing a business.
Students in the course will:

  • Discuss and investigate areas of business management in relation to:

-   Forms of Ownership: Proprietorships, Partnerships and Corporations

-   Legal issues involving businesses

-   Recording & analyzing finances of a business

-   Human Resource Management

-   Marketing

-   Information Management

  • Investigate careers in management.
  • Participate in an online virtual business simulation.



Students will gain knowledge of how marketing is utilized in business and the different parts of the marketing concept.  Students in this course will discuss and investigate:

  • The rules of marketing
  • Market research techniques
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Product distribution strategies
  • Product pricing concepts
  • Methods to promote and advertise products including creating radio and television commercials
  • Sports and entertainment marketing strategies
  • Retail marketing strategies
  • Participate in an online virtual business simulation



Do you know your legal rights and duties?  Laws affect us every day.  Students in this course will:

  • Review system.
  • Learn the difference between civil and criminal procedures.
  • Identify torts and crimes.
  • Analyze legal issues including laws about minors, marital rights and responsibilities, contracts, employment and discrimination, sexual harassment, ethics, debts and bankruptcies.
  • Develop an awareness of personal legal obligations.
  • Analyze legal issues including laws that protect consumers, computer laws, environmental laws, property rights, business organization.
  • Explore ethical decision making.
  • Investigate careers in business law.
  • Participate in a mock trial.