School to Careers

Work Experience Program

                    (Students must consult with their counselor prior to registering for all work program courses.)


Course #

Course Title

Prerequisites and Notes


8961 / 8962

Work Seminar

Permission of instructor and counselor

.5 each

8965 / 8966

Work Experience OJT

Permission of instructor and counselor

.5 each

8985 / 8986

Advanced Work Experience OJT

Completion of Work Seminar

This program is open to all students employed a minimum of 15 hours per week.  The philosophy of the program is that work experience, coupled with an employability skills seminar, assists young adults in making the transition from student to a member of the work force. This program is an alternative to regular classroom instruction. It provides the students with skills that will enable them to gain confidence, self-respect and the ability to grow with the changing world.  Students are released up to three hours early from school.

The student MUST be as least 16 years old in order to participate in this program.

Students that are interested in this program must consult with his/her counselor prior to registering for Work Seminar, Work Experience OJT and Advanced Work Experience OJT. 


Units of instruction:

  • Employability
  • Human relations
  • Safety in the workplace
  • Personal development
  • Citizenship
  • Consumer and basic living skills                          (budgeting, taxes, etc.)
  • Career research
  • Applications, resumes and interviewing
  • Interest, aptitude, and value assessments



Student's work activities will be under close supervision by his/her employer.  The Work Experience Coordinator will oversee and coordinate all aspects of the program.