FREE Meals and Curbside Food Pick-Up for ALL Students

FREE meals for ALL children, ages 18 and younger, through curbside pick-up at Blue Heron, Centerville, Golden Lake, Rice Lake, Centennial Middle School, and Centennial High School as well as at designated bus stops throughout the district. See "Read More" for schedule information.

Click here for meal information and pick-up schedule.

Social Studies

Charles Bohl - Social Studies Teacher (CHS) - - Phone: 763-792-5268

Shaun Cooper Social Studies Teacher (CHS) scooper@isd12.orgPhone: 763-792-5254

Jacob Howells Social Studies and AVID Teacher (CHS) Phone: 763-792-5252

Lisa Johnson - Social Studies Teacher (CHS) - - Phone: 763-792-5256

Sarah Kolenbrander - Social Studies Teacher (CHS) - - Phone: 763-792-5276

Lillie McAdams - Social Studies Teacher (CHS) - - Phone: 763-792-5213

Jason O'Connor - Social Studies Teacher (CHS) - - Phone: 763-792-5257

Chris Ripken - Social Studies Teacher (CHS) - Phone: 763-792-5072

Eric Ripken - Social Studies Teacher (CHS) - - Phone: 763-792-5266