2020 SENIORS:  The Centennial Area Scholarship Application opens early 2020 on the Naviance Student website.  More info to follow.


                User name : Student ID (9 digits)

                Password:  Student Birthday (6 digits)

Scholarships are listed on the Naviance Student website.  Some are local and only available to CHS seniors.  Click on the "College" tab.  Scroll down towards the bottom and click on "Scholarships and Money' then click on "Scholarship List".  Students need to click on each scholarship on the list and look at the criteria to determine if they meet the qualifications.  If so, the application can be downloaded or click on the link to the scholarship website.

Students can also fill out the profile under "National Scholarship Search".  Once the profile is filled out, the program will list the scholarships in which the student may qualify for based on their profile information.. 

Students who wish to be considered for scholarships which the high school can only nominate one student must complete the recommendation form found on the Naviance Student website under "About Me".

Other sources of scholarships:

College or University in which the student plans on attending
Parent's place of employment
Student's place of employment

Earn micro-scholarships from colleges for your achievements in high school.  Create an account an get started.

Free internet scholarship search

Institutional Scholarships for Minnesota Colleges/Universities can be found at:

Native American Scholarships

American Indian College Fund website