On-Line Learning

A state approved list of Minnesota On-Line Learning providers can be found at the MDE web-site or as listed below.  If a student is interested in attending an On-Line Learning institution they will need to meet with their counselor to review graduation requirements and discuss scheduling issues.  Please note, if a child is attending an On-Line Program part-time, their schedule will be altered to reflect time spent at off campus and thier day at CHS will be reduced.  

Part-time students will be given a modified schedule.  All in school classes will be placed either in the morning or afternoon.   Please note that all On-Line classes are attended and completed off campus. 

If your child participates in one of the Centennial High School sports programs, they will need to make sure they are attending an approved On-Line Learning Program supported by the Minnesota State High School League.  

The Minnesota State High School League does not accept Charter Schools as meeting their requirements.

Minnesota Approved Online Learning Providers