Directed Studies/Digital Skills Update

Starting in the 2017-18 school year all students at the middle school will have a new 30-minute mid-day experience entitled “Directed Studies/Digital Skills.”  We will no longer be having Connections at the end of the day.  Throughout this school year the staff came together to have conversations by grade level about how to most effectively use this 30-minute opportunity.  We focused on creating consistent skills by grade level designed to reduce stress and to create habits and patterns for important activities, such as making up tests and making up work.  We are also very excited to provide digital skills at each of the grade levels.   

At the Family Information Nights in the fall the teams will be presenting the weekly schedules for the grade level, which will help families get into the rhythm of this new mid-day experience.  As you may know, the high school has a LEAP program.  While this program we are introducing will not be identical in the construct or function to LEAP at the high school, we believe it will be an excellent way to prepare students for that experience as well.  We appreciated the formal and informal feedback from community members, students and staff which has helped us to shape Directed Studies.   

Please see the 2017-18 School Schedule which highlights by grade level what the new schedule will look like.  We also want to draw your attention to the fact that students will have this experience either before or after lunch each day. 

Your student will experience a Digital Skills course during one quarter of the school year during the Directed Studies class. This class will include keyboarding and Digital Citizenship topics. The curriculum is aligned to the ISTE standards.  See the link below for more information on the standards. On a five-day rotation your student will have keyboarding curriculum for three of the days, a direct instruction day with our Media Specialist, Mrs. Florin, and one day of flipped instruction. The course will be managed through Schoology, which will allow your student to get experience with a blended learning environment.

Link to ISTE Standards: