See bullying? Text it.

September 12, 2014

If students see bullying in Centennial schools, it can be reported via TipTXT, exclusively a text-enabled service. Students and families can contact school administrators about bullying issues confidentially. Text the bullying tip to your school's text number. Centennial is committed to developing a community where students feel connected when issues arise. 

Bully Tip Line Numbers

Blue Heron Elementary: 763.307.3526
Centennial Elementary: 763.307.3527
Centerville Elementary: 763.307.3531
Golden Lake Elementary: 763.307.3532
Rice Lake Elementary: 763.307.3533
Centennial Middle School: 763.307.3528
Centennial High School: 763.307.3529
Centennial Area Learning Center: 763.307.3530
Pines School: 763.307.3394