Dani Anderson

Student Assistance Program Coordinator (CHS)

Contact Information


Dani is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) completing a master’s in social work from the University of North Dakota.  When Dani is not working for Centennial, she is active in other programs such as community education’s More than Pink Program and Summer Fun.  She serves as a community liaison with Anoka County, outside agencies, the faith community and law enforcement agencies.  Dani’s main duties include assisting staff and parents in addressing student behavior of concern, including substance use and mental health.  She offers prevention, pre-assessment, intervention, referral and aftercare support for students, staff, and community members.  Dani is also involved in overseeing:  Peer Leadership, Mentor program, GSA, Arrive Alive, Project Purple, Anti-Bullying, 9th grade transition, and attendance.

Dani works to provide students opportunities to reach their goals and become passionate members of our community.