Charles Beile

Science Teacher (CHS)

Contact Information


I teach Biology to 10th graders and Physical Science to 9th graders.  If you want to follow the class I teach, go to the link for my class and ask your student to enter the password. The access code for Phys. Sci.1 2017-18 Beile is M5H22-T6SHN. The acess code for Bio.1 2017-18 Beile is 6TBQH-C3R2W. I post a daily update of class activities and a resource page for students to use for each unit.  It is a great resource to review and reinforce the content we cover in the course.   You can also reach me @ and my phone is 763-792-5178.  

Biology Syllabus (pdf, 221 KB)
Physical Science Syllabus (pdf, 132 KB)