Freshman Class Committee

A great activity if you are looking to get involved!


Are you hard-working, FUN, and dedicated?

Then you should join the Freshman Class Committee!!!!


Here is a list of some of the activities that you will have an active role in making happen! This committee meets during some of your advisory periods.   We RARELY meet before or after school, but it might be necessary for certain events.  Most information is done through email.  That way I can get you information without an actual meeting.  Advisory can be very busy and meeting is often difficult.  Please stop by my room (R215) if you have questions.


Freshman Homecoming


            1. Green recycling

                  2.  Selling Class T-shirts

                  3. Selling candy, or any other fun ideas you have!

**All fundraising money goes to pay for events for YOUR class such as your junior prom Spring of 2015.

Sadie Hawkins Dance

*We need workers, dancers, and promotion help




If you are interested in joining, downlaod the interest form in the download button.  Return the completed form to either Ms. Drommerhausen in R215 or return it to your advisory teacher.



I can't wait to get to meet you all.  Lets make it a fun and exciting year!


Interest Form (pdf, 90 KB)

Fill this document out if you are interested in joining.  Please returne to either Ms.Drommerhausenin R215 or your advisory teacher.