Elizabeth Eaton

Student Assistance Program Coordinator (CHS)

Contact Information


Elizabeth is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) she also holds a current Minnesota teaching license.  This is her 29th year at Centennial; before that she worked as a therapist at an adolescent drug treatment center.  She serves as a community liaison with Anoka County, outside agencies, the faith community and law enforcement agencies.  Elizabeth's main duties include:  assisting staff and parents in addressing student's behaviors of concern.  She offers prevention, pre-assessment, intervention, referral and aftercare support for students, staff and community members.  Elizabeth is also involved in:  Peer Leadership, GSA, Arrive Alive (Every 15 Minutes), Project Purple, Anti-Bullying activities such as #ObliviatetheH8, Senior Class Committee Co-Advisor, 9th grade transition, and attendance and mental health concerns.

Elizabeth Eaton offers opportunities for students to make positive changes and contributions in our community.