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English Teacher (CHS)

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English 9-1 Course Description

The purpose of this course is to expose students to a variety of texts including memoir, expository writing, novels, nonfiction, and Greek Mythology.  Students will complete a unit on the Holocaust using the book Night, will read The Odyssey, will write an autobiographical narrative, and will participate in literature circles.  Students will also learn to analyze readings using literary elements, informational text structure and personal reflection.  Ninth grade English students will improve writing skills by furthering their knowledge of basic grammar skills, as well as focusing on creating more varied sentences and stronger paragraphs in their writing.  In addition students will explore the writing process by researching, creating rough drafts, and revising their work.

English 9-2 Description

Course Description:

This ninth grade English class will focus on grammar, writing, and literature.  We will review and work on essay writing and read a play.  We will also work on public speaking and creative writing.  This class is required for graduation.

Course Objective:  

1.  Primary Units

A. Romeo and Juliet

B. Persuasive Essay – completion required to receive class credit

C. Persuasive Speech – completion required to receive class credit

2. Ongoing Activities

A. Independent reading

B. Grammar: sentence structure, subject, predicate, complements, types

D. Vocabulary

E.  Write and edit for correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, verb tense, sentence structure and paragraphing


English 9-2 Syllabus (pdf, 185 KB)