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Tyson Poppleton - Science Teacher

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Welcome to High School Science!


Hey everyone and welcome to Centennial Science. My name is Tyson Poppleton and I am a brand new teacher this year at Centennial High. I am currently only a half-time, long-term sub but I am so excited to teach science this year as a cougar.

I grew up in Portland Oregon and gained a love of science when working with and training raptors at the Portland Zoo. After serving a religious mission in Seoul, Korea for 2 years, I returned to Provo, Utah and attended Brigham Young University. Originally I sought training in veterinary medicine but because of my experience teaching software classes and after taking some life changing science courses, I changed my career path to education. My student teaching experience was at Lakeridge Junior High School in Orem, Utah where I taught a full year of 7th Grade Integrative Science in my own classroom.  I have a BS in Life Science and a science teaching license.

My skills include proficiency in Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium, Mac iLife and iWorks, Gimp, Inkscape, Mac OS, Windows, HTML and CSS. I consider myself to be somewhat creative and like sketching and sewing. I create my own mascot costumes and wear them for communitiy events and service opportunities, as well as run a small mascot business on the side. I enjoy camping, biking, tennis, hiking, and playing as Yoshi on Mario Kart with my best friend, who so happens to be my eternal companion and beautiful wife Dara Poppleton. We have also been blessed with a son and a new baby girl who are both nothing but smiles!

Now enough about me. If you are looking for more information about the classes I teach, please follow the links below. There you'll find resources such as the course syllabi and class resource website (schoology).